Oregon’s Unique & Hidden Treasures

0002     I feel like Oregon gets no love when it comes to cannabis tourism coverage. I have read blogs, articles, websites and opinions, to prepare for this launch, and I had to look pretty hard to find information on Oregon’s cannabis tourism. Now don’t get me wrong, articles do exist but they are few and far between so I decided that I wanted to launch this blog with the beautiful state of Oregon.

My boyfriend, and I, recently passed through Oregon on our way to Seattle for Hempfest. I, personally, found the entire state to be green and lush with trees, grass and ferns. However, that may be because I live in California, which has become quite dry recently. Driving through, I noticed that the rest areas were safe, and well maintained, and the roads were either nice or under construction (lot’s of construction). I had the opportunity to see the coastal route, several years ago, and the central Oregon route, this trip, and what I can definitively tell you is that the towns are mostly quaint and the people are very nice.

I actually knew very little about Oregon until I started researching and I’m never truly satisfied with the basic facts. I mean, I guess that having the deepest river gorge in North America or the deepest lake in the US is interesting but I want to know the good stuff so thank to www.movoto.com/guide/or/oregon-facts/ and specifically Brenda Barron I have some interesting facts for everyone….Did you know that 1/4 of the country’s population of llamas lives in Oregon? Also, It’s name was chosen in a coin toss, there’s a town called Boring, it has the tallest Barber Shop Pole and The Simpsons takes place In Oregon.

Things To Do

As I searched through “Things To Do”, on Google, I immediately found a whole host of places to visit and activities to try. To Start with, I was a kid in the 80’s, Goonies is one of my all-time favorite movies and it was filmed in Oregon. The Goonies house is located in Astoria and the famous Goonies Rock is at Cannon Beach, just an hour-and-a-half drive from Portland. The house is not open to the public but is considered a Historical Building so it stands, and can be used as a backdrop for all of your selfies and selfie needs. Yelp currently lists the house as being located at 368 38th Street in Astoria. Yelp  Now, if you make it to Cannon Beach, you should also check out the Tide Pools at Haystack Rock. Starfish and sea anemones are so much fun to explore and you will have a fair share at Haystack Rock . Might I suggest that you pair a strain of Lemon Thai or Super Green Crack to create that thoughtful and creative buzz with your trip to the coast.


If you want to check something off of your bucket list I would suggest Crater Lake National Park. Formed over 7,000 years ago it is the deepest lake in the US and adored by artist, photographers and sightseers alike. Remember though, this a federal park and therefore cannabis is illegal Crater Lake  Another option is to climb a mountain. The Dog Mountain Trail is considered a beginner trail but you still cover a 7 mile loop and summit at 2,920 feet. You could also visit a Ghost Ship off the Oregon Coast. The Peter Iredale ran ashore, in 1906, near Warrington and it’s pieces still live there today. Finally, you could visit one of the 60 ghost towns; thatoregonlife.com/2016/04/road-trip-ghost-towns-eastern-oregon/ has a great list of the various ghost towns throughout the State. Whether swimming in the deepest lake or visiting a ghost ship they all sound like interesting and fun adventures.

Can I just say that I LOVE Portland! I love how unique, different, special and weird it is. There are 7 neighborhoods, in Portland but my favorite neighborhood, by far, is the Hawthorne District. The best way to describe Hawthorne is unique, fun and funky. The shopping is vintage, and indie, and the shops range from Powell’s Books, where you can get lost in a maze of reading, to my forever favorites Crossroads Trading Company and Buffalo Exchange . The best part, though, is the food. Por Que No? Is an unbelievable taqueria and The Waffle Window is to die for.  I would pair Cannalope Haze with my lunch, at Por Que No?, and enjoy my meal tremendously…..No?

If you decide to visit Portland, you cannot leave without going Downtown to Voodoo Doughnuts. They have the craziest donuts! The new Pot Hole Doughnut, which is a raised, cream filled, chocolate bar with Oreos and a trail of frosting to depict a street and a Marshal Mathers, plain cake doughnut with white frosting and mini M&M’s….Yummy! I, personally, would enjoy an LA Chocolat cartridge, in my vape pen, before a Maple Blazer Blunt doughnut because….Ummmm….Who wouldn’t???  

Oregon Cannabis Tours

I have been looking into the available cannabis tours, in Oregon, and it appears that 5 companies currently offer tours. I have featured a few of them here but invite you to explore all on your own.

Bridgetown Weed Tours has 3 different options available, which all offer a gift jar valued at $50. The Grasshopper offers tours of a grow facility, manufacturing lab and cannabis boutiques before lunch at Portland’s best food cart destination. The Earlybird Brunch starts with brunch then off to a cannabis cooking workshop, a cannabis boutique and then a smoking lounge. The NIghtowl offers a visit to a cannabis boutique, smoking lounge and then a comedy club. All are $99 and last approximately 4 hours.

Portland Cannabus offers “exclusive access to Portland’s best dispensaries, legal commercial grow operations, garden shops, and the most advanced analytical laboratories and testing facilities on the west coast.” Their cost, for the tours, is not listed but it appears they also offer “420 friendly celebrations such as birthdays or parties, how to classes, educational sessions, cooking classes, and everything between.”

High 5 Tours is a tour bus company that provides tourists with a “look at Portland’s growing cannabis industry”. They offer “unique, fun adventures created to highlight not only the dispensaries throughout Portland but also activities and companies that we feel represent the diversity that makes Portland one of the best cities in America.” They have 3 main tours, which visit either a dispensary or farm. The Midnight Munchies tour also has a dessert stop at the end. Tours leave every day at 4:20pm and cost $65. They also offer a build your own type of tour, or bus rental, for $100 per hour with a $40 driver gratuity, a 3-hour minimum and a maximum of 14 people. All tours offer a driver, tour guide and snacks and water for guests. High 5 Tours also offers Cannabis Adventures, which include an Art Mural Tour – $20, Games on the Bus ( – $19 & a Portland Trailblazers trip to the game – TBA (coming this fall).


Featured canna businesses

I had a chance to speak with Michael Cathcart, Marketing Manager at Nectar Cannabis, and he was very excited to talk, with me, about their company and all of the changes they are undergoing. Nectar Cannabis is a dispensary currently with four locations in Portland, one in Eugene and two more, one in Gresham and one in Tillamook, opening up within the next two weeks. They originally opened in 2012 to serve the medical community and then moved to recreational cannabis when the law passed in 2014. They offer 60 strains of flower, even more options for concentrates and recently landed the exclusive sale of Marley Natural products in Oregon. Additionally, they sell glass and Nectar Cannabis merchandise. They provide 3-5 knowledgable budtenders, each day, to educate guests about cannabis, in general, and the products they carry. Additionally, each is trained on every new cannabis product available.. Michael’s best piece of advice, for would be cannabis travelers, is to be sensible and respectful with your cannabis use. I was very happy to speak with Michael and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Nectar Cannabis.

I also had the opportunity to speak with Al Munguia who is the General Manager of the Jupiter Hotel. This beautiful, urban oasis opened in 2004 and is located at 800 East Burnside in Portland. Mr Munguia explained that “after the cannabis laws passed, in 2014, guest would come to the desk (sometimes sheepishly) and ask about cannabis”. So over this last Memorial Day weekend they launched their Everything but the Weedpackage, which offers a room, latest issue of Dope Magazine, Munchie Kit, Dope Magazine vape pen (retail cost $60), Jupiter Hotel t-shirt, Dope Magazine hat and discount coupons to local dispensaries. No cannabis is included and Smoking flower in your hotel room will result in a $150 smoke cleaning fee. However a vape pen is included, in your package, and vaping is totally ok within your room. Although there are no current plans to expand their cannabis packages, he is ruling nothing out. The Jupiter Hotel charges anywhere from $189 to $239, depending on the room availability, but prices seem to stay the same Monday through Sunday. This place has my vote!

I just want to quickly note that Oregon state law allows for purchase and possession of up to one ounce of cannabis flower and ¼ ounce of hash or concentrate. However, it is illegal to consume cannabis, of all kinds, in public.

So have fun, enjoy Oregon’s cannabis laws, visit Portland’s unique neighborhoods and help keep Portland weird!

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