The Possibilities Are Endless

The Possibilities Are Endless

By: Heather Schafer

000.jpgI have been watching the overall political races, fairly closely this year. Not because of “The Hillary and Trump Show” but because, this November, California, Arizona and Nevada are all voting to legalize cannabis. So why is that so important, you ask… Well, that would mean that the entire western united states could very possibly turn an exceptionally attractive shade of green, this fall, and not just the smokable kind.

On November 8th, almost 23 million registered voters will decide upon the question of legal, recreational, cannabis. The Nevada Marijuana Legalization Initiative, also known as Question 2,

Is proposing to legalize one ounce, or less, of marijuana, for individuals 21 and over. The Arizona Initiative, also known as Proposition 205, looks to do the same. Then, There’s California’s Proposition 64, or the “Adult Use of Marijuana Act”, proposing to legalize recreational marijuana, and hemp, and establish certain sales and cultivation taxes. All of these initiatives will involve some sort of regulation and taxes to pay for said regulation.

Can you even imagine the possibilities of cannabis tours available for Los Angeles, where you can hit some Green Crack before strolling the world famous Hollywood Walk Of Fame and Grauman’s Chinese Theater? Then, a couple hit’s of Goo OG before devouring a Scoe’s plate from Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles? Or, better yet, how about South Lake Tahoe? Can you even see, partaking of some Durban Poison before smashing the slopes of Heavenly and then some Gorilla Glue before Off The Hook’s Bento Box and a good night’s sleep? From the Tijuana Border to the streets of San Francisco to the Four Corners Monument (well part of it anyway), The Grand Canyon and the Las Vegas Strip there are an immeasurable number of activities and experiences to be had.

So, can this really be happening? Is it possible that within the next year, tourists will be seeing vaporizers in Las Vegas hotel rooms & deliveries of shatter at the Tamarack Lodge? Possible, yes, probable…unfortunately no. Although it is very possible that all three of these initiatives will pass, in November (most americans don’t see cannabis as such a big deal anymore) it will be the hurdle, of regulation, that won’t be easy to jump. You see, in order for safe, and accurately dosed, cannabis to become available to the public there must be a system to keep track of the plants (from seed to harvest) and testing, to prevent pesticides from making their way into your body. This all requires regulation and regulation is a fairly intensive and time-consuming process. The good news is that (no promises mind you) by mid-2018 there should be an organized, up-and-running cannabis travel industry throughout the Western US. Stay tuned. This is going to be a very interesting time in cannabis and tourism.

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