In The Beginning

it was Sunday, the last day of Hempfest. Finally, the weather was what I had expected, marine layer in the morning and sunny after noonish. Dale had just spoken on the Kevin Black Memorial Stage and I met up to find out what the plan was now that he was done with his speaking times. in the background sounds that took me back to my late teens of the 1980’s! days of me listening to the dead Kennedys, seeing ALL the Ramones live and having  Henry Rollins ask me “how much glue have you been sniffing’? ” at a black flag show in Sacramento. Ahhh, good times! anyway, Heather and I went out to watch.  Suburban Vermin was the band on stage.  I found  that my foot was tryin’ to keep pace and my head was bouncing. We were able to rock out to a few songs, but the road and a soft bed in a cool room was calling!!! On our way out we saw the merch table covered with buttons, patches, cds, etc . “how much for the cds?” ” “$5.00.” “done!”  plus we needed some jams for the LONG drive back to cool. I am a big believer  of supporting of local music, art, and businesses. Long live the little guy!!! Long live the Live shows!!! And long live punk rock!!! I wonder what ever happened to the helper monkeys??? Live life large!!! Until next time …

The hillbilly

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