0… it was around 830pm that the hunger pangs would not be silenced any longer! Heather and I were headed home from Seattle after a long weekend at Hempfest. Both of us were hungry and decided on Mexican. Heather started searching for a restaurant that was ahead of us. The next major town was Medford OR, no probe I thought. Big town, popular cuisine, no worries. Wrong again! “closed on Mondays” or “closed at 9pm” were the places we found. So like a flash Medford came and went. I really was not looking forward to a drive thru and grubbing’ in the car! Next town, Ashland. I didn’t hold out much hope actually, but almost simultaneously the road sign and Heather said, ” El Paraiso next exit!!! ” Open Mondays? Open past 9? Yes and yes! We took the exit and like the name says, there it was all lit up, welcoming us to our own little food “paradise”. The friendly face behind the hostess podium welcomed us more like an elderly couple there for the early bird special then the late arriving road  weary zombies we actually were. The service was fast and friendly, the food was delish, and the price was right! As a long time theater geek, I have always had a fondness for Ashland, and our experience at El Pariso did not hurt that view! As we left I asked Heather, “do you mind driving’ ?” Her reply was, “no.” I tossed her the keys and got in. I knew I wasn’t long for the waking world and that the approaching food coma would soon envelop me. Wake me when we’re home!!! Until next time …

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