The Beautiful Northern Cascades


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We will start, our featured State of Washington, in the Northern Cascades. This area is known, mostly, for it’s dramatic scenery as well as it’s challenging hiking and mountain climbing. The Cascades are rugged and therefore are a wonderful treat for lovers of nature and outdoor activities. The climate varies, quite a bit, but this area is known for precipitation so at the high peaks, this will equate to snow, and at lower elevations there is quite a bit of rain. There are many towns, especially between the islands of the peninsula, but the larger cities are Anacortes and Bellingham.

Anacortes is located, on Fidalgo Island, in the Pacific Northwest. It is conveniently situated right between Seattle and Vancouver BC, and is the main destination point for the San Juans and International ferry runs for Washington State. The city has a wide range of accommodations from clean and affordable to luxurious. Anacortes serves as home port to one of the world’s largest whale watching fleets, with two daily sailings. The sailings typically last a half-day, during which lunch is served and there is a wonderful introduction to the beauty of the San Juan Islands. Anacortes also has a well-established art and antique scene. Shoppers can browse galleries featuring both well-known and newly emerging artists or The First Friday Gallery Art Walk is held on the first Friday of each month, in downtown Anacortes, from 6:00 to 9:00 pm. There appears to be about 6 antique, or vintage, stores and in the month of October an event called “Fall In Love with Vintage” is being held at the event center on the 14th & 15th.

I was happy to see that even such a small city, as Anacortes, had cannabis available through dispensaries (boutiques) and delivery. The most prominent, of these boutiques, seems to be THC High Society. I had a blast looking through their menu and learning about all of their strains. You see, I’m pretty familiar with California strains and even quite a few Oregon strains. However, all of these Washington strains are brand new to me. For instance, Dirty Girl is like sweet lemon candy and the effects it produces, are happy and creative. I believe I might start my day with something like this…Maybe after breakfast, of biscuits and gravy at Dad’s Diner A Go-Go but before a stroll of the art galleries in town. After the galleries I might be hungry so how about lunch at The Store but not before a few hits of Pie Face OG. There is nothing better than a cappuccino after a few good hits and a morning of looking at art. However, The store has more than just coffee. There is an amazing deli, they are open for breakfast and they even have wine tasting. I have been perusing their muffins though,  and I am having a hard time deciding between the Creme Brulee, Granpappy’s Ginger Snaps or French Vanilla Mocha. After lunch there might be just enough time to catch a whale watching expedition. Luckily, Outer Island Excursions has a boat that leaves at 1pm but has a 12:30pm check-in so don’t be late. After a long day of immersing myself in art and searching for sight of an Orca, maybe pizza delivered from Village Pizza and some Platinum Bubba Kush (PBK) with a bubble bath is just the ticket. Now, technically PBK is a California strain so I know it is a creeper  but when it hits you will be fully relaxed and ready for a restful night sleep.

Bellingham is the northernmost city in the contiguous United States and has a population of more than 50,000 residents according to Wikipedia. It is noted as having a good proximity to both Seattle and Vancouver as well as easy access to the San Juan Islands and Northern Cascades for tons of outdoor adventure. As I was virtually exploring the area I became fixated on a beautiful boutique Inn with spacious rooms, a spa and amazing restaurant called The Chrysalis Inn. Their full view rooms come with a window seat, gas fireplace, 2 person soaking tub w/ separate shower, comfy robes, luxurious linens, a down comforter, aromatherapy amenities, and free wifi. Their spa has great packages like the Signature Trio, which comes with a 60 minute Signature Swedish Massage, relaxing 60 minute Signature Facial and 60 minute Hydrating Pedicure. Trove Cannabis carries a brand of chocolates, called Spot CBD + THC Chocolates. These would be wonderful to help you relax and get the full benefit from the massage. After 3 hours, and probably lunch, those chocolates should be mostly worn off and you can maybe head over to Fairhaven for some shopping and the Gore and Lore walking tour. Hitting Fairhaven Fish & Chips, a Harlequin Bomber pre-roll and a cappuccino from Tony’s Coffee House might be in order to. The tour looks to be about 3 hours and starts around 6pm so maybe a fruit and cheese plate, paired with a few drops of Beauty Sleep Cannabis Tincture, by Ethos, and your window seat overlooking Bellingham Bay should round out the day.

If you have not been able to tell, I believe that cannabis can elevate experiences, activities and meals if paired correctly. Cannabis has the ability to heighten senses, relax the body and encourage enjoyment of taste, sight and sound. I encourage you to experience the Northern Cascades, the State of Washington and life in general, elevated.


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