winnebagos & freekshows

0… it was the 90’s and I was heading to Victoria BC. This was the trip that I found out that you DO NOT   pump your own gas in Oregon, and they are serious about that too! I was at the tail end of a balls out eighteen hour trip from Sacramento to the ferry terminal in Port Angeles Washington.  Or at least as balls out as an early 80’s 24’ “Minnie Winnie” Winnebago can go. As I drove thru town I remember thinkin’ that I wish I had more time here. I pulled the Minnie up to the line of vehicles that had formed at the terminal. I got out to stretch and take a big deep breath of the crisp morning Washington air. Yeah, I gotta get back there! If you happen to be in the greater Port Angeles area this weekend, have I got something for you to check out! You can join the ladies of “Port Scandalous” roller derby team and check out the Bangers, Wyrdoz & Wreckless Freaks. The Bangers are a local favorite that bring the “bangcore” sound. And the Wreckless Freaks are billed as a sideshow troupe that performs acts that tax the human body to extreme limits, using physics, anatomy and mind over matter”. AWESOME!!! This all happening at the Metta Room this Saturday, October 8th from 9pm – 1am.  132 E Front St. Port Angeles Washington. Whatever you do this weekend get out and have some fun! Until next time.

the hillbilly

The Bangers

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