A Quick Note


A Quick Note From Cool Connections

Hi Everyone. You may, or may not have, noticed all the changes happening at Cool Connections. Since the passing of Prop 64, and the legalization of recreational cannabis in California, we have decided to move forward with some plans to begin doing business in and around cannabis travel and tourism, in California. We have secured the official website address of www.coolconnections.co and have started to develop relationships with local County and City Supervisors in hopes of finding a good place to begin something. I hope you will all check back, with us, regularly, to see what we are up to and how we will begin to introduce cannabis tourism into California.


You will begin to notice that my blog posts are a bit shorter but they will still feature areas of the country where legal cannabis tourism is either up and coming or securely in place. I have decided to not feature Colorado, for the month of November, because I believe that my writing is better and more inviting when I am writing about the experiences I have had. Although I have been to many of the areas, of Colorado, I have not been able to make it since legalization passed, in 2014, when recreational dispensaries, lounges and other cannabis tourism activities have been able to come out of the dark. Therefore, I think that my readers will be best served by moving my focus, closer to home.

You will also notice that I have added a Services and Events page, where you can find details of the cannabis concierge service I am offering as well as the Ladies Home Parties and Luxury Cannabis Vacation Packages. These services are all available in the Sacramento and surrounding areas as well as the Gold Country and even South Lake Tahoe on a limited basis. If you, or anyone you know, will be visiting the Sacramento area and are interested in any of our services please feel free to contact me by phone, or email, to set up your personalized experience.


I want to thank you for hanging in there, as we work hard to make all of the necessary changes to not only provide you with the most up to date information on cannabis products, venues, strains, methods of consumption and everything else but begin to offer services and events celebrating cannabis travel, tourism and everything in between.

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