Changes, Changes Everywhere But Not A Legal Bud To Buy

The month of November saw quite a few changes for Cool Connections and I want to tell you about a few of them. First and foremost, the Western US is entirely green as of November 9th, 2016. Yes, it appears that almost 60% of Californians feel that cannabis is not as big of a deal, as once believed, and that the regulation and taxation, of the plant, will be quite helpful in improving things such as infrastructure and schools.


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Another change, for us, is that we secured a website and I have begun the process of adding and updating all of the pages I intend to make available to my readers. If you have not seen the new site address, it is and before the end of the year you will see the expansion I am talking about. Additions such as a Prohibition page, that will offer factual information, stories and interviews about those people who have worked hard to move the ball forward, to end cannabis prohibition. Another thing, you will notice, is that I am creating a page for each legal recreational state and the cannabis tourism activities taking place in each. My hope is that this will be a useful tool when you decide to plan your next cannabis tourism experience.


You will also notice that I have created a page for all of the new services I am beginning to offer. Given that the process of creating and implementing laws, is a time consuming one, I am doing the best that I can to offer as many services as I can and still stay within the letter of the law. Currently, Prop. 64 gives adults, in California, the ability to possess and share recreational cannabis as long as they are not consuming in public. So I have created the Upscale At Home Ladies Cannabis Parties to introduce relatively new cannabis users to the various consumption methods and products on the market. These parties will be available in the Sacramento and surrounding areas and I anticipate that they may start off small and evolve into something bigger by next year. Along the same lines, of the At Home Parties, are the Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties. Finally, the Cannabis Concierge Service allows for a more personal approach to implementing cannabis into your trip. Let me help you to apply your personality to the area, of California, you will be visiting and top it off with cannabis recommendations to pair with every aspect of your trip. Looking for some adventure, mixed in with a few trips to some popular amusement parks, throw in some museums and well-known eateries along with a bit of full-body relaxation? Leave it to me and I will take care of every detail.


So for our first week of December I want to reiterate that many changes are happening, in all of the Western US, and it will be very important to know what you can and cannot do within this first year. Again, many of the cannabis propositions had language, in them, for adults to possess and share with others but there is not any states that are set up to legally dispense recreational cannabis for another year or so. As always, there is this catch 22 where you can possess and even grow, in some cases, plants in your backyard but still cannot buy or sell cannabis to another person and be protected within the law. So please be careful and continue to check back with me as I continue to write about the evolution of cannabis travel, tourism and everything in between.


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