traffic hookers and sticky buns, OH MY!!!

The Hillbilly, myself, The Legal Connection and Activist Adela Falk at Seattle Hempfest

… greetings and salutations from beautiful northern California! It’s been a bit since my last ramble. Hope things have been sweet in your neck of the woods. Things on the hill have been busy but expected this time of year. As I headed into town the other day, I found myself behind one of the hundreds of logging trucks that travel that road every day. We live in a rural community and this is our style of a traffic jam. That got me thinking about our last trip up to Seattle Washington for Hempfest.  In order to save some dough, we booked a hotel a little south of Seattle, with SeaTac airport right in between. Good thinkin’ right? Well, one of the things we didn’t check was the website for Washington state transportation department. Had we done this we would have found that MAJOR sections were, at that time, under construction. Our first encounter with this was on our way to pick Dale up at SeaTac airport. Not only were the roads a mess but we had evening commute traffic too! We were to pick him up at 6pm, and as we inched forward the tick, tick, tick of time beat on. Now as a country boy, this city stuff gets me a little edgy I’m not gonna lie. So with clenched jaw and racing heart I trudged along. We made it in time (barely), picked up Dale, and headed back in similar traffic. Oh well, at least we can finally relax at the hotel after a very LONG trip. Now, I don’t know how many fans of the show “COPS” we have out there, but the town of Lakewood Washington seems to be one of their places that they get a lot of content! And guess where our hotel is, yep, right smack dab in the middle of hooker row!!! We pulled into the parking lot and went up to check in. They were nice enough, but you know you are in a shabby place when they tell you to get ice from the motel across the lot. But, the TV worked, our beer was frosty and there were beds. I was set! The next morning we were up early and excited about Hempfest day1. Dale was speaking later that morning so we decided to grab a bite to eat and head into Seattle. We stopped at a place called Shari’s. I looked at the menu and a smile started forming. Biscuits, gravy, chicken fried steak!!! All house made! I almost felt at home. We ordered and GRUBBED! The portions were generous and food was bomb. Our waitress came to see if we needed else, we replied,” no we’re stuffed. “ Then she asked if we would like to take a couple of sticky buns to go? “…fresh out of the oven…” she added. And with that she set the hook! “Yes please, two!” we said. These things came out and were the size of a childs head! Covered in a sweet sticky goo, loaded with nuts and still warm! I wanted to dive in but had no more room in my gut. We paid the bill and gathered our things. As I got onto the freeway I hoped that the traffic from last night was just an anomaly and that we would have smooth sailing. No such luck. Bumper to bumper and wheel to wheel all the way to Seattle. For 3 and ½ days, back and fourth, we did this. And every time the same thing. How I longed for the curvy roads and logging trucks of home. Y’all can keep all that flatlander stuff!! Until next time…

the hillbilly

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