Sacramento – The Capitol Of California


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Right after gold was discovered, in nearby Coloma, Sam Brannan, a local merchant, rushed to open a store near the Sacramento River to take advantage of the waterfront location. Sutter’s Embarcadero, as it was known at the time, soon evolved into the City of Sacramento. Rapidly growing into a trading center, for miners outfitting themselves for the gold fields, the Sacramento waterfront was prime for commercial success, but was prone to severe flooding. Additionally, a number of fires destroyed the City. So, in 1853 a project was proposed to raise the city above the flood level. However, it was not until another devastating flood swept through the city, in 1862, that the proposal was finally accepted. According to the Old Sacramento website, where I got the photo above, “Within a few years, thousands of cubic yards of earth were brought in on wagons and the daring scheme to raise the street level began. The original street level can be seen throughout Old Sacramento under the boardwalks and in basements.




Photo courtesy of California State Capitol

Today, Old Sacramento has 53 historic buildings condensed into its 28 acre lot and has been registered as both National and California Historic Landmarks. However, the now metropolis, Sacramento has over 470,000 residents and 263.4 million visitors per year. The main tourist attractions are the California State Capitol as well as the new Golden One Center and the Farm to Fork movement.




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The recreational cannabis scene is still yet to be determined as the regulations, which will govern all of the cannabis businesses, will not even be started until spring of 2017. This leaves Sacramento tourists to recognize and abide by the recently approved Prop. 64. This states that any adult, over the age of 21, may possess up to 1 ounce of flower or 8 grams of concentrate and may consume and share as long as they are not doing so in public. These narrow parameters essentially allow for private functions and small events which are out of the public eye and away from public noses. I mention the “public noses” issue because I believe that cannabis odor will inevitably become an issue for any cannabis tourist or cannabis tourism business owner. Much discussion has been had, at the City, County and State levels, about how to allow adults to consume in a safe and enjoyable manner while also not offending the neighboring businesses or their customers by cannabis odor. Some simple tricks may be to switch over to vaping concentrates, as they do not have the same offensive odor or destructive smoke. Another option is to think about edibles, while in public view. Punch Edibles has some amazing chocolate bars that are divided into 25mg squares and I highly recommend the peanut butter milk chocolate punch bar, which won 2nd place at a recent High Times Cannabis Cup. Jimi’s Meds pure thc cannabis capsules are 25mg and would go totally unnoticed while consuming. NuGum, by Bhang, has 50mg of thc per stick and Madame Munchie has macarons, in 10mg and 20mg, that will knock your socks off. Although no recreational cannabis dispensaries will be available until after January 2018, I see that WeedMaps is well equipped to take care of any of your cannabis needs.



So until next time, live life – love cannabis – travel often…..

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