Cannabis Home Parties

Are you intimidated by the idea of going to a cannabis club? Let us come to you! Learn about all of the new forms of cannabis, avenues of consumption and products available within the comfort of your own home. These fun get-togethers will briefly cover the basics of the cannabis plant and how the endocannabinoid system uses it. We will laugh and play games as we discuss how to pair cannabis with meals, activities and even in the bedroom. You, and your guests, will be able to try new products and learn to consume in new ways in the safety of your home.


Home Parties –

The new cannabis industry is becoming quite complicated these days. Scientists say that the strains, on the market, are stronger than ever and every day it seems like new products, or consumption methods, are becoming available. We have developed our home parties to offer a comfortable venue, for you and your friends, to learn about the basics of weed aka cannabis. We will cover the basics of the plant and how it is processed within the body so that you know how to avoid “thc overdose” as well as common terms and their definitions. All known consumption methods, such as vaping/dabs, edibles, sublinguals, etc and popular products on the market. Let us introduce you to the world of cannabis and prepare you to utilize products, dispensaries, and delivery services if you so choose. Coming Summer of 2017


Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties –

Have you been charged with planning the bachelor, or bachelorette, party, for your best friend? Let me assist you in bringing all of the details together. We will create a fun and personalized experience, with the addition of cannabis strain recommendations to pair with your activities. Live life elevated….Coming Summer of 2017

Sports Parties –

Interested in incorporating the education and exposure to products & consumption methods with the fun and food of a tailgate party? Let’s show your friends how it’s really done….Coming Summer of 2017


Senior (55+) Parties –

Seniors are the largest growing sect of cannabis consumer but it seems that little, of the market, is marketed or created for you. Let us come to you and explain the different ways to consume, the basics of how cannabis is processed, in the body, and the products being developed for you. Invite your friends, ask questions, learn about how to purchase from a dispensary or delivery service as well as where to find them and much more…Coming Summer of 2017



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